What is CHAKRAVIEW School Bus Tracker?

School Bus Tracker has been developed by CHAKRAVIEW INDIA for the benefit of parents. Parents can track the school buses of their children on their mobile phones and receive various types of alerts about the location of the buses. Schools can also track the school buses on website and mobile.

How does CHAKRAVIEW School Bus Tracker work?

Each driver or attendant in the bus is provided with a smartphone with a pre-installed app. Once they select the particular route being served by them, parents on the same route can also track that bus. Schools can track all their buses real-time. Once the route is completed, attendants are supposed to logout of the application, which will disable the tracking.

How do the various alerts work?

Alerts regarding the school bus location are sent in the form of SMS on your phone. Alerts about the location of the bus before it reaches your stop (Distance Alert) are pushed automatically by our server. Alerts about bus reaching school in the morning and leaving school in the afternoon (Pick / Drop Alerts) and any other event based alerts are sent by the Attendants in the bus from their mobile. School / Bus Operator can send event based alerts from their portal or mobile.

Will the notifications that I’ll receive be real-time?

Yes. We use high priority Bulk SMS services to deliver the messages real time to you.

Is it necessary to have a smart phone to track the bus?

Yes, you need to have a smart phone and download our ‘CHAKRAVIEW’ app from Google Play (for Android Devices) and App Store (for iPhones) in order to track the buses real time. Currently we do not support Blackberry or Windows devices.
Is it necessary to have a smart phone or internet connection to receive notifications?

Smart phone is not necessary for you to receive notifications. SMS will be sent to you irrespective of your phone type. No internet connection is required for the same.

How can I contact the school bus driver / attendant while in transit?

You can contact the school bus driver / attendant from your app on their personal number in case of any urgency. You can also contact the school / bus operator from the same window.

What are the benefits of CHAKRAVIEW School Bus Tracker for parents?

Parents can reap the following benefit by using CHAKRAVIEW School Bus Tracker:
– Complete peace of mind communication solution for the parents
– No more need for parents to impatiently wait for the bus to arrive in case of delays
– No more need for parents to make frantic calls to the bus operator or attendant to find the location of the bus
– No need for parents to store multiple mobile number of bus attendants (in cases when the attendant is changed on a frequent basis)
– Parents can use the same app for more than 1 child
– Parents can choose different pickup stop and drop stop
– Parents can mark a child absent on their app to avoid receive messages when their child is absent

What are the benefits of CHAKRAVIEW School Bus Tracker for Schools / Bus Operators?

Schools / Bus Operators can reap the following benefit by using CHAKRAVIEW School Bus Tracker:
– Track their fleet of buses real time on web site or mobile app
– Directly communicate with parents by broadcasting messages to all parents, parents of a particular bus route or individual parent for special situations such as
o change in route
o change in timing
o any delay due to breakdown etc.
o in case bus is not plying on special days
– Peace of mind for bus operators too as instances of parents calling them directly reduces substantially
– No need to install separate GPS devices and RFID cards
– Inexpensive solution compared to other products available in the market
– Comprehensive school bus database on cloud
– Parents currently not using any bus service may get more comfortable with school buses with such a product of convenience

Can the GPS school vehicle tracking system ensure safety of students?

Since we do not use any RFID devices currently, movement of individual children is not tracked.

How can I get my child’s school to use CHAKRAVIEW School Bus Tracker?

Contact us to know more about CHAKRAVIEW School Bus Tracker. You can then meet the responsible school authority (principal, school admin or transport-in-charge) or independent bus operator and talk about our solution. You can also pass on their leads to us and we will take the discussion forward.