Chakraview SolutionTraditional Solution
HARDWAREGPS and 3G enabled Smartphone with an android app to be used by the driver or attendant. No hardware installed in busGPS device. Some providers also offer RFID devices along with ID cards to children
App for ParentsYesUsually Yes
App for SchoolsYesUsually No
Website for SchoolsYesYes
School bus trackingYesYes
Student trackingYes, attendance is taken using NFC of the mobile device Yes, if RFID system is installed
SMS alerts when bus reaches childÂ’'s bus stopYesUsually No
Event based messages such as in case bus is delayed due to rains or technical reasonsYes, both attendant and school can send various pre-set and customised messagesNo
Bus Route OptimisationYesNo
Online School Bus FeesYesNo
Flexibility to change assigned routes / attendants at short noticeEasy, since attendant selects assigned route for every tripDifficult, has to be done at the back end