Benefits to Parents

  • Complete peace of mind communication solution for the parents
  • No more need for parents to impatiently wait for the bus to arrive in case of delays
  • No more need for parents to make frantic calls to the bus operator or attendant to find the location of the bus
  • No need for parents to store multiple mobile number of bus attendants (in cases when the attendant is changed on a frequent basis)
  • Parents can use the same app for more than 1 child
  • Parents can choose different pickup stop and drop stop
  • Parents can mark a child absent on their app to avoid receive messages when their child is absent


Benefits to Schools / Bus Operators

  • Track their fleet of buses real time on web site or mobile app
  • Directly communicate with parents by broadcasting messages to all parents, parents of a particular bus route or individual parent for special situations such as
  • change in route
  • change in timing
  • any delay due to breakdown etc.
  • in case bus is not plying on special days
  • Peace of mind for bus operators too as instances of parents calling them directly reduces substantially
  • No need to install separate GPS devices and RFID cards
  • Inexpensive solution compared to other products available in the market
  • Comprehensive school bus database on cloud
  • Parents currently not using any bus service may get more comfortable with school buses with such a product of convenience